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Willkommen auf der Homepage des Turn- und Sportvereins Haueneberstein

The new "Perfect" Joomla Template is very similar to our last Joomla Template "Power". We have done this to show you how easy it is to create many different designs with the same Template. The theme looks similar, but of course very different to our Power Joomla template. It is just perfect to use this template for every project.

This theme can be used for every business site, just change the colors and add your logo to the right place. If you have a big logo it is recommend to place your logo above the menu, otherwise you can add a small logo into the left side of the menubar.

"Perfect" features many different color styles fully customizable to handle just about any web project and content.

Create a cool "one page" layout! We have included a "smooth-scroll" function where you can scroll from menu item to any "section" where your modules are stored.

Power Joomla Template

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Turn- und Sportverein 1903
Haueneberstein e.V.
Darnieweg 51
76532 Baden-Baden
Marcel Tislauk
Darnieweg 51
76532 Baden-Baden
+49 (0)7221/9238799
Info-Hotline +49 (0)7221/809191